This is the end of her first week. She had a cold welcome into the world but she's fine now.

The corn cushion sale obviously came from corporate.

I have trouble accepting grammar tips from someone who uses "Me and my sisters are really excited: We’re going to Disneyland!" as an example.

We recently hired a new (distant) math teacher. I walked into the computer room to see our middle girl completing a math GIMP. I love that the girls use F/OSS to do what they want.

A writer that I follow posted that he is thinking of moving his blog and asked for suggestions. I responded "Please post links on Mastodon." I immediately got a followup from third party: "There appears to be some controversy surrounding Mastodon:"

Yeesh. I don't even want to look at the article. I'd be (slightly) more inclined to read something titled "120VAC: Power for Pedophiles."

@glizzyborden I'm waiting for a F/OSS program that intelligently tags all of my photos (for content and metadata). Until then, I have piles.

@jvagle I'm down for configuring a uucp network over LoRa.

only for Gary Larson fans 

I had the opportunity to dress my family and our airplane for Halloween so I went for it.

Wow. Eugene Spafford, also known as Spaf, a giant of the cybersecurity field deleted his Twitter account. He's on Mastodon as @spaf .

Hilarious protip for dealing with request by email from unethical boss to do something unethical: forward it to security as a suspected phishing attempt.

This chart from Taleb’s Black Swan is a perfect Thanksgiving story for security and risk management professionals. It is a graph of a 1000 days of the life of a Turkey.

Taleb writes: The history of a process over a thousand days tells you nothing about what is to happen next. This naïve projection of the future from the past can be applied to anything.
#infosec #security #OODA #thanksgiving

A few years ago I sold a chunk of land in order to diversify my family's holdings. Land prices have since sky-rocketed. I still contend that although "They don't make any more," land might some day be less valuable for food production.

Here is a radical possibility for food. It requires vastly less land than our current plant and livestock methods.

The Guardian: Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all.

Finished embroidery for my friend who owns the rescued mustang mentioned in my previous post. Glad to have it finished because staring at a naked horse butt is weird. The mustang was gracious enough to snag his tail on the handle of his water bucket, so no hair was cut. #embroidery #HorsehairEmbroidery #horses #mustang #AmericanMustang #SandWashBasin #RescueMustang #HorseHair #MastoArt #Textiles

I would replace a computer/phone rather than ever leave it at a repair shop, especiallywith my credentials.

Ars Technica: Thinking about taking your computer to the repair shop? Be very afraid.

If you're tired of fretting about social media and want to marvel at semiconductors and fabs, let's be friends.

Here's my close reading in WIRED of the most influential essay in the history of the world: "“Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits” by Gordon Moore. #MooresLaw #chips #Intel

Our family has been working with two Newfoundland Dogs for South Central Newfoundland Rescue for the past month. These good dogs are each ready for homes of their own.


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